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Beacon | JXN | MS

Consciously Curated Quality Goods + Creative Supply

Consciously Curated Quality Goods + Creative Supply

Consciously Curated Quality Goods + Creative SupplyConsciously Curated Quality Goods + Creative SupplyConsciously Curated Quality Goods + Creative Supply

Fine Art Supplies 

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modern + vintage | art supplies | general store


Consciously Curated Artist Run Supply Shop

Locally Owned + Operated, the Beacon is a mom + pop corner shop for the modern creative in the Downtown Fondren Historic District of Jackson, MS. “Consciously Curated” means that we are very intentional when it comes to stocking our shelves and do thorough research to source offerings that align with our values and ethical standards. We care about how and where the product is made, what it is made of and source from socially responsible companies and small businesses. We strive to connect makers directly to the community by sharing a variety of local, USA made, fair trade, handmade eco-friendly goods, ethical brands, and supporting businesses owned by Indigenous artists, Womxn, LGBTQIA+, POC, families, couplepreneurs (like us!), and local missions. We have a wide variety of low waste, bulk, used and vintage offerings, such as collectible vintage typewriters and fountain pens (serviced, cleaned and restored in-house), vintage lamps + antique hand-knotted rugs, and bicycles. We also provide pen and typewriter service for clients, so if you have something that doesn't work, bring it in for a free consultation. All vintage bicycles are tuned up by the Bike Rack/Indian Cycle and tires replaced, where necessary, and come with era-appropriate accessories included. All lamps have been rewired locally by Ye Olde Lampe Shoppe, and our rugs have been professionally cleaned locally by George Bell Rug Cleaners and come with a free rug pad. We plant a tree for every pencil and paper product sold, recycle locally with Environmentality, use post-consumer recycled paper shopping bags made in USA, and ship in reused materials and plant-based home-compostable packaging. *We are currently accepting donations of *gently used* art supplies to recycle for use in future progams (email for more details). Donate + get 10% off in the shop.


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